Friday, August 5, 2011

Hats for Smart Wear

Towards 1927 smart suits were worn by women and "misses" alike. The world started a lasting love affair with crisp white shirts, also called overblouses in the Twenties as they were not always tucked into the skirts but had a band around the hips to round off the design. The blouses could be made from chiffon, a material called radium silk, and popular English broadcloth! Now why does that last material sound so strong and practical?

Feathers and porcupine quils were found on hats throughout the Twenties and I decided to use a Berti Borelli type of design for my belle with the unexposed hair, the black parts being part of the hat design and not hair! And, yes, you can buy vintage style hats on E-Bay today! And one last thought, one can still spot the Victorian bonnet in the style!


  1. Love this painting, Marie. I remember in the 40's my Mom wore hats all the time with the net in the front. They always looked so sophisticated. I bet hats will be around again!!

    1. Thank you very much, Hilda! I always wonder how the clothes were sewn before all these fab machines appeared! I think normal people nowadays will not take the trouble to wear fashion hats.....sunhats, beanies, fullstop!

  2. Thanks for popping in and Welcome!Yes, I loved those belted dresses worn with hats. We thought our moms were the nicest of all! Will try to find you on Google!

  3. Nice portrait. I love fashion from the 20s.