Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Song Nostalgia

Summer breeze
summer long
I'll sing to you
my summer song.....

Don't you just love songs and poetry about summer? (I already used Shakespeare's words on summer in an earlier post) As we are experiencing the last days of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are mild and lovely! You have to know Cape Town well to really imagine this absolutely serene time.

I was searching for lyrics to write into this piece. "Summertime" by Gerswin is one of those hauntingly beautiful songs. My absolute favourite, though, is "There's a Summerplace", a song my parents loved. It always led to an impropto dance and they were suddenly oblivious of us kids! I would love this as a ringtone for my cell phone, the instrumental version of Percy Faith! And  at the same era of this song,in the early sixties, my college days, we could not live without: " Let's twist again like we did last summer!"

And now to my this warm country in the fifties and sixties, girls wore sunhats, it was part of our carefully planned outfits! Even my school wear included a pristine white girly type of panama. This turquoise hat I painted would do for any time, any age. I invented an Art Nouveau type of background to suggest a pergola-with-blossoms feel.


  1. This is beautiful Marie! And wonderful reminiscing on all the 'summer' songs! For me, all The Beach Boys' songs personified summer!

    1. Thank you, Maree.....amazing how summer prompts us humans to go lyrical!

  2. Oh my goodness, Marie!! I hate to tell you but "A Summer Place" was my first movie that I went to see...I remember going with my sister...after that I fell in love with Troy Donohue and loved Sandra Dee...I think it was about 1959..Yikes!! Did I say that? Your painting is wonderful, as always...I love her blue hat.

    1. I was definitely around at that time......and till today I can hear Connie Francis's sharp voice: Where the boys are!Thanks for liking the painting, Hilda!