Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Will Remember Your Kiss

I took the title for this post directly from one of the songs in the vintage songbook. There is no publishing date on it, but the fashions look like it could be from the 20-30's. On top of the cover is this warning: This book must not be exported for sale in America, Canada or Australasia. Now why on earth not???, I wonder!

The sketch on the cover is lovely! Those artists knew how to capture the spirit of their time. I used it for inspiration for my latest French Belle, and tried to make it more romantic by showing the man as a silhouette.

The ostrich feather in the girl's hand was the type of fan used in the early thirties, with most of the feathers imported from South Africa, where in our country several "ostrich barons" were smiling broadly at the demands of fashion! Now here is The Duchess of Windsor wearing a feather headdress (very queenly) and holding a feather fan. This was her introduction to the Royal court in 1931. (I took the photo from her book: "The Heart has it's Reasons")


  1. I love her Marie...... I think I should have been born then! I find myself wondering constantly about how life would be in the early 1900's. Karen Blixen is a lady after my own heart! Quite a decadent lifestyle I would have thought!
    A beautiful Painting you have painted !!!!!

  2. Thank you, Debbie! I appreciate your visit here! I also think Out of Africa and White Mischief are such nice films about the "colonial days"!Classics!

  3. OOooh. Love her dress - so romantic.

  4. Thank you, Ilse. Yes, those were the days!