Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cool, cooler, coolest!

180 x 180mm (18 x 18 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas Board


AVAILABLE in South Africa from January 2011
Price R400 + R50 Postage and Packaging

It should be remembered that 1918 not only saw the end of the war, but also the end of clothing restrictions durable textiles. The shorter tube-shaped dresses, silky materials and lace, and light pastel colours during the Twenties gave such a new feeling of freedom of movement.

I had to giggle a bit when I read how v-necks and boat-necks were denounced by one and all. The press and the pulpit were even involved in campaigns against it! But fashion was persistent and everyone got used to "pneumonia necklines" which were supposedly bad for the health!

One of the nicest developments was the easiness of making these dresses. With a sewing machine and pattern, lovely clothes could be made by one and all. Unlike the previous century, girls from all walks of life could dress well.


  1. What lovely information Marie, and can't believe that they tried getting rid of the V-necks! What a long way women have come! She's gorgeous in her cool blue and lovely little parasol! Great painting!

  2. Maree, I must tell you how absolutely thrilled I was by all your comments on all my different belles. Thank you for supporting a new blog of uncertain value. If a person like you enjoys the posts, I just love to persevere!