Sunday, December 5, 2010

Street Smart in Par-e-ee-ee

180 x 180mm (18 x 18 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas Board


This Painting is available in South Africa for R400 + R52 for overnight package ( or you can choose snail to lower costs)

We love to quote Coco Chanel, and nothing was more true than her belief: "Fashion does not exist until it goes into the streets". It took some daring to walk around in the totally anti-Victorian clothing which were the rage in the twenties. My two girls, bold and beautiful, has thrown off the shackles of prudery. They are showing off, which was not the first nor the last time in history. Nowadays, what I see on young girls is a pout copied from their pop idols!

My West Coast blog is humming along nicely and I keep to the formula of REAL scenes. Here in the world of French belles I get to the part where I can "think up" something. I was pleased by the way these figures developed, there is almost a story there. I decided to dedicate this post to K.Madison Moore. I love her wonderful bold planes and riotous colour in her very inspiring portfolio.


  1. And they are utterly adorable flaunting their new-found freedom and rebellion! Beautifully done Marie!

  2. Thank you, Maree! Strange, but 'Bright Young Things' was a derogatory term at first.