Friday, January 28, 2011

At the Couturier

For an elegant lady who lived in the twenties and thirties in an environment of liveried servants, clothing was an investment. Here I imagine her in the setting of the show lounge of her couturier, making a decision about a coat, while it is modeled for her by a live mannequin. I do believe you had to have morning, afternoon and evening coats!

My little belle looks serene in a blue suit with a tight-fitting flattened bodice. Suits in pastel colours were popular and female curves were abandoned. Frenchwomen had a battle with this, but English and American women found it easier to achieve the boyish frame, being naturally more angular.

The photo comes from Costume & Fashion by James Laver.

I came upon a very special blog today, called "Eye Prefer Paris". I thought I would show you this delightful post on Parisian dogs in their winter coats.

180 x 180mm (10 x10)
Acrylic on Canvas Board



  1. I can just imagine the glamour and style of those days Marie! She certainly does look serene and content! Love the mix of blues here.

  2. Thank you, Maree! I remember how I thought that I would be able to choose my clothes in that way!I suppose I read too many novels which gave me that idea! But Mom and Gran looked at the display windows, then copied a dress for me (in much thicker cloth, of course!)