Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lunch Date

The vintage era was a time of great style and elegance. I thought that this neat suit and hat portrayed the spirit of the time!

The Duchess of Windsor gave a lovely description in her autobiography (The Heart has its Reasons) : "There was good company in the Washington of the early 1920's, perhaps the most charming, exciting and cosmopolitan company in the United States" It was known
as the "diplomatic set".

Among the social events she names protracted dinners, dancing in Embassy ballrooms, teas, cocktail parties, Sunday night suppers at the houses of friends, impromptu excursions to little country restaurants, picnics in the Virginia countryside. "One lunched in a leisurely fashion", she wrote.

In the paintings by Modigliani, his beloved Jeanne Hebuterne wears hats like these. For an interesting "artwork- within- an- artwork" approach, you can look at the fashionable Jeanne's hats in Life Without Modi II by K.Madison Moore.

180 x 180mm (18 x 18 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas Board



  1. This is just lovely and I love her sweet expression. The little waiter in the background is a neat addition and helps to create a sense of deep space.

  2. Looking very pensive... Is she waiting for a lover...? Is she thinking of a lost love...? Beautifully done Marie, great use of light and colours!

  3. Thank you Linda! I appreciate that you follow this blog too! Yes, I need little props like waiters, dancers or a little Eiffel Tower to complete the stories of the ladies!

    Thank you, Maree. I need to give life to these ladies, so I keep reading up on the Twenties. I hope you like the little quotes by The Duchess of Windsor that I have added. She was the epitomy of vintage elegance. So, my belle is probably just waiting for the party to commence!