Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Pleasures

This is my absolutely favourite little painted lady! I have waited until you were truly shivering over there in the Northern Hemisphere before I posted the painting here. So please disregard the fact that I am writing this on a sunny summer's day in Cape Town!

In her book: French Women for All Seasons, Mireille Guiliano writes: "Most of us don't have a choice to sit winter out. The fact is that not every bird gets to fly south. And I confess I wouldn't want to: I love my morning walks in the winter, breathing the cool crisp air, and I can't imagine living in places without much seasonal variation. "

Well said! Wear your coziest coat and let me know what you see and experience out there. And tell me what you eat and drink out there!

180 x 180mm (10 x10)
Acrylic on Canvas Board



  1. She is lovely, Marie. I love the idea of this is so much fun, almost as good as a trip to Paris!

    Although I live in Florida, we have had several below freezing nights this winter. I am not a lover of being cold, but, even I can appreciate a short change in the season.

  2. She certainly does look snug and cozy Marie! Extreme seasons at least gives one a chance to participate in the latest fashions!

  3. Thank you, Carol! I have a suspision that sooner or later I am going to say something wrong about the French! Yes I know the US gets it's share of very cold weather! My own coat at home is worn only once or twice a year!!

    Thank you Maree. The fur may be artificial these days, but it can still look very fashionable!

  4. So nice to hear that you are up and about, Madison! Take it slowly! Thanks for the lovely comment!