Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet Spring Rain

A little bit of rain, nothing serious! My sweet blonde belle's umbrella is more for the show of it! To sing her praises, I chose this extract from a17th century poem. It shows that femininity is very enduring!

"With solace and gladness,
Much mirth and no madness,
All good and no badness,
So joyously,
So maidenly,
So womanly,
Her demeaning
In every thing;
Far, far passing
That I can endite
Or suffice to write......." from To Mistress Margaret Hussey by J.Skelton


  1. She is charming. The colors are very peaceful.

  2. Gorgeous colours and very "rainy" Marie! Although that beautiful, delicate parasol is not going to help her much, as you say!

  3. Thank you, Maree. It is probably more to protect "Blondie's" fair skin!